Riot lyte left but community acts like...

I mean ok he done changes we may not like . But why everyone acts like he done only things that made game fall back? Yes dynamic queue is a bad thing for lots players but wasnt the only thing he made. New tribunal improved lots of things . Yes still some players are toxic . But for someone that used to play (like me) back at season3 things are better. Why we only notice the things that made the game a bit less interesting for us and not these that improve it like: The change at matchmaking (new champion select) compare with old one. The tribunal that banned lots of people for flaming fast while the old took like ` month. Everyone knows that a troll will never get banned (if he knows how to troll) no matter what. The limit of 1 tier difference as premade .At season 3 you could go with a bronze 5 friend while you where diamond. A more fair rank system for the promo at low elo (till gold 1) . The honor system which sadly no one use it . Improvements at the report systems. Ans lots more that i just miss right now. In conclusion i dont thing he wasn't really that bad and its shame for community to act like this. *I dont say i like his changes . But at least i respect he tried to change for things and make the most toxic game a bit better (see season 3 how used to be or earlier) _**including me **_ .Taking into account [this post]( at NA
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