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Hello boards ! I just wanted to talk with you and ask you is this good idea, So what i want to say is that we are all introduced with trollers or afk people who leave their game because protocol of their game is bad, And ofc if other people in the team are feeding with 1 afk its an instant loose. There is nothing we can do about it - but my idea is : Riot to make an Automation System when our teammate that left us sweat to win detects his disconnect and after the game is finished we loose lower ammount of lp - Instead of 17-18lp (Bad MMR) to 10-13 or Instead of 10-15lp(Medium - Good MMR) to 5-8 lp ! I really think this is an good idea for Riot to make but again watching from other side when you loose 19 lp because your teammate left the game, its literally warning you like Hey buddy this is what will happen if you leave to and make your friends on edge What you guys think about this maybe its stupid for somone but sure i would like them to add this Regards ... VeX {{champion:55}} {{item:3146}} {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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