Free coffee and tea~

You all guys busy with ranked already? geez, take a break! \*flops onto Sofa\* Take some fresh Coffe or Tea (got enough here), just lean back, maybe tell me a bit about your experiences so far or just anything else. I personally will never want to play right after reset, while I usually don't have this problem, people already complain about unbalanced teams, and this is exactly what happens today, no? The random factor just seems so much higher (in theory) than usually, but I guess everyone needs some kind of emblem they can cling onto. xD I personally feel like I'll use this to take a longer break from ranked, not only to avoid the reset madness of everyone being squeezed up a bit tighter (hmm... actually sounds nice), but also cus I feel like I've been way too much into ranked lately, it's not all there is to LoL. ;) Buuuuut anyway, \*puts up 3 plates of Cookies\* you are free to decide what to do, just get some energy real quick, aye? ^-^ ---------------------- What are your plans for ranked this season? As mentioned I'll stay out of it for a bit, depending on how I feel 1-3 months I think. But I won't just rust in the rain, oh no, I'm finally gonna get my CSing and Lane pressure fixed up, so after those months noone will be save! \*evil giggle*

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