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So I got banned for 14 days for being toxic. Personal achievement I would say. Decided to make you guys laugh with that game's logs, and say good job to the tribunal, since I know I deserve it. I aint trying to beg for an unban, I deserve being banned. So here you guys go, have fun reading! (Background information: I went udyr top and there was a vladimir againt me. I really hate vlad.) Fun begins here (This was all sent to me by and email from riot) vlad top yo fuck vlad oh fuck off oh fuck you help right now so fucking done vlad no f 5 hp again fucking hell you know youre a fucker right? I cba 2 hp twice fucking asshole you know you probably suck dick and Ill fuck you late right true lil shit that right fucker fucking hate VLAD PIECE OF SHIT fuccckckckckckckckc LITTLE FUCKEWR SUCK MY DICK LITTLE SHIT LIFESTEAL ASSHOLE FUCK FUCK FUCK DUCK FUCK THIS SHIT nice Q mechanics vlad love the way you clicked it gank me ffs shouldnt pick a shitty ass champ yes I AM mad. why are you happy that Im mad? are you retarded? ye good Q spam make me wuss spamming my abillities aint as good as yours as you can clearly see nice ward wank ty see my hp? u survived that way twice. I do since your champ is shit cancer you got alot of it even riot said you shouldve never came out and theyre right. youre cancer itself. didnt know sion ult can be steered that far. love this game my favorite game why cant vlad just fuck off and have his periods somewhere else woohoooo you gave me cancer and I dieded nice job vlad! your mom must be proud youre carrying her cancer around Im so useless. I cant even build anything. report yasuo pls vlad you cant turn around a joke it doesnt work that way and it didnt work. I did from vlad for the whole game report you too then XD youre 5-8 you aint much better than me. well of course hes better than me she has dmg I fucking dont so chill down buddy feeding your mom there was an open inhib. makes sense to go for that one. not the full hp tower. omw g oo botlane looks good hm I wanna tp soon or not ded vlad mehanix nah its over we cant do shit well I cant u tried kept him busy nvm run I got tp backdoor could happen evetually run youre yasuo shhhh Ill take bot care backdoor omw nvm

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