Player bots in 7 (yes, seven) ARAM games in a row

Hi guys, I just played my 7th aram game in a row (yesterday and today) with six or more player bots per game (okay, in the last there were only 4 bots). It's unbelievable. I had games with player-bots once in a while in the last two months but now in every game?! Its so uninteresting. I'm 100% sure that they are bots because the behave always the same and i noticed two types: One type always stands behind the last intact tower and does nothing - if the tower is destroyed they go one tower back. And they're starting to attack immediately after the last nexus tower is down. The other type blindly attacks and usually gets killed under the enemy tower. This type always "picks" snowball and ghost i think. I reported all of them and asked the other humans to do the same, but it dosen't seem to help. I can't be the only one who noticed this recently?! Maybe ist worth to mention, that im only level 17 (or so), and that higher levels are maybe not effected of this problem. Markus PS: This thread was deleted in the "Help"-section, so i repost it here.
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