I'm so frustrated

Hello Summoners, Today I want to talk to you guys about my experience with Riot's matchmaking system. We all know Riot's matchmaking system is bad, it's not stable, it's matching you with players of a different skill level. I still believe that there's an elohell, if it's not that, then it's Riot's terrible matchmaking system, here's why. I've been in Gold 2-3, before, and almost platinum. I got over 2500 games won, with over 7 years of experience playing this game. Now i don't want to hear anything about, if you're still in bronze by this time than that's because you suck. It's not because I suck, I'm better then almost everyone I meet, my mechanics, movement, map awareness, communication, item building, calculations, etc, you can name, I'm better in all those things then the most players I meet online, I'm not saying this to brag about my skill I'm saying this because if you're as skilled as I am then it's frustrating that I can't seem to climb no matter what I do, i literally try everything, not flaming, helping my teammates. Communicating, working together, playing smart gets me fed most of the time, but even though when I get myself fed, I can't seem to carry myself back to platinum. It keeps happening that my teammates make a mistake, which cost us the game, sometimes it's my fault, but mostly the fault of the teammates I get. And that's fine, you can't be good at everything, and I'm not blaming these people for being bad at the game, but it's annoying that I'm always the victim of that, I have tried everythint to climb, this week I've been at the Silver 5 promo's for over 4 times, I all did that myself, I carried myself to that, but it seems everytime when it's really important to win, the team messes up. So basically a long story short, in this case, it's really not my fault that I am still in bronze, I know my mistakes and all that, It's really not my fault, honest. I remember that i used to have a much bigger chance in duoq. So here my question is, is there anyone with the same sort of problem? So yes, add me in game on EU West, so we can play duoq games together, carry eachother and climb. If you don't have any trouble with ranked, but would still like to play with me, feel free to add me ingame servers. My Summoner name is Sirrever . It's making me feel so bad that after all this time I'm still in bronze when I have the skill of a gold/platinum player, in my eyes, my account is doomed with losses. I think it's not possible to climb on my account, if I'd start on a fresh account I could probally get to platinum like I wanted to. But hey, who wants to have a 2nd account when you just want your main account to have good stats and all that. Sorry for the long message, I just needed to get this of my chest cause it's been tilting me and frustrating me so much lately. Kind regards, Mitch
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