This game.....

This game is filled with trolls, it is sad i lost four games in a row in silver elo because people like to troll in ranked games. In one game we had a good singed player and the guy was really trying to win but, our support and jg had a different point of view. In 4 tf in a row the support was farming the our chickens and the jg was roaming around the map. In the end the dude tilted and just went to split push bot,yeah i can feel this guy. The sad part is that both singed and I lost some of our mmr because of these people similar things happened to my next games as well. You as a company probably don't care about our constant complaints about your ranked games, that you should focus on punishing these people. But don't be surprised if the games servers shut down. Because there won't be enough skins to save you when even the last player has had enough.
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