Some complains just to make me feel better.

* Stuck in Silver boizzzz because I get only tiltet kid in team because of the bugs. This is how Riot "help" you to climb. * Say "understad" in chat because I didn't press "n" enough. My Lucian say "you are horrible at english" (or something like that) and starts to troll. So yeeee.... _Good luck to climbing_. * Doing 70% of the team work, I tank a cc for someone, 3-4 flashes to me, get a chain cc and my team let me die. So now I am the one who trow the game. Yeeeeeeee..... * Do my blue, red, lvl 3 and ready to gank something. All 3 lanes pushed so I go back to farm the camp. My team blame me for not helping and I say that I can't dive at lvl 3 and they start to flame me and troll. And I am like _"" What can I do?_ * Someone say that he will gonna help me with his enemy. I wait him in the bush and when I engage my teammate just go back and farm and let me die. My team blame me for inting. * I play jg and when I counter gank and the enemy mid comes too then is still my fault that I didn't win a 3v4 while our mid farm. When I play mid and ping that the enemy mid roam no one cares and die. Still my fault that they didn't look at the chat + map. * Have a teammate with 2 vision score in min 10. Tell him that he needs to put some wards. He put 2 wards in the middle of the lane and start to troll. * Have a teammate afk, I tell to my team that the game is lose (mid inting, support auto fill first time that champion, top camped). My team start to flame me and try to make excuses for the afk one. After 2 games the Riot connection with my country just went down because I still had acces to the Google, Youtube and others (not to the forum or the game site). Get back in the game after 15 min because the game need an update for nothing. All my team starts to flame (2 feedback for that game). I say that if I am back then we can still win. They let me die and say that they will also reporting me for inting. * Hard carry a game with a premade, one of my teammates start to troll because he didn't want to be carryed. * Play Garen top and a windows pop-up message get me out of the screen game while I was in the middle of the lane. After I get back I had 11 farm in min 4 while my enemy laner had 15-17. My teammate Ryze starts random to blame for the farm while he had 23. I didn't say nothing but Ryze gived up because he say that is a lose. I didn't want to play too, but Ryze come back and turns all the team against me. Of course the team starts to blame me even they didn't know for what. The conversation was like: _someone1:"You think that you are better than Ryze?" someone1:"Report Garen for flame" Ryze:"He didn't flame me but he troll" someone1:"Report Garen for troll" someone2:"haha Garen noob" someone1:"i have only noobs in my team" Ryze:"gj Garen for troll" _ #So how is your day guys?
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