Times when you SHOULD go AFK

When should you go AFK: 1. Your team is being toxic and is insulting you or others 2. You're not being respected 3. Your team is playing bad and they don't deserve to win the game 4. Your friends invite you to go hang out 5. Your siblings tell you to do something. Whenever my team is being toxic, I ask them politely to stop being negative and play. "It'll be alright, don't worry" but despite my words they keep raging and flaming everyone and insulting? No, I am sorry bitch, but you are not winning this one. I don't care If It's your promos, I don't care If It's your first game, I don't care If you will get demoted. Learn to behave. I might stay only for one reason, and that's If my other teammates are really nice and positive. In that case I will just mute the negative person and keep playing.
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