[Rant] Ignore this post please.

Had a Lee Sin on our team who picked Lee first time and said "omg gg ff" in champion select. I wasn't really watching him as I was bullying midlane, but the guy walks into our lane at 7 minutes at level 3 and dies, before flaming me for "not ulting me" when I had literally just used my E + R in a trade beforehand (Karma). So this continues, with him "camping" my lane (by which I mean flashing Vel'Koz under tower, kicking Vel nowhere near me when I'm trying to back and then flaming me after he dies.) So I decide if I can't shove mid (Vel was maxing W) or get ganks, I'll roam bot. We set up for some kills on their Jhin, team etc etc. but Lee dies to raptors in Iverns jungle. This continues with him flaming all of us, until he finally gets our Vayne to flame too. He gets our botlane to start flaming me for not using my ult E in fights, when I was trying to use ult Q to disengage but he just went in anyway. And by 'going in' I don't mean what some people consider 'going in'. I'm talking full on 1v5ing. We were in their base. At their NEXUS, and he dove fountain instead of winning. We had no tank, and I wasn't about to sell my items for tank Karma, but at this point I was solely using my ult E's on my ADCs (smurph Vayne top), getting 2k+ shields on them and still losing the fights. We lost and this guy just pisses me off so much. I don't mind when someone is frustrated and says I'm bad, this guy was just the most horrific person I've encountered in LOL. INTing, feeding, chat trolling, extreme pessimism. In the end I muted him, got my Thresh to do the same but the ADCs were too deep into the hatred. We lost the game based on our Twitch getting caught out while typing, despite multiple shields and ults expended to try to save him. I always try to use the mantra "You have 5 enemies, don't make any more" when it comes to flaming in online games, but I feel like I've lost hope in humanity now. The Lee told me to uninstall, and I'm starting to wonder if I would be happier if I followed his advice... Please don't reply lads. Needed to get this bullshit off my chest.
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