Good morning lovely community!

\*good mornin' hugs* How are ya'all doin'? as some of you might realize, or not, I managed to get up early today. \o/ Or rather, I hardly slept and wasn't able to sleep anymore, but that's kinda the same anyway. ;) So you can imagen that I'm rather tired, but that should work out somehow, so not too troubled. ------------------ #What did you peeps do last week? For me, I finally got that big D. And on that note, I think the main topic I'll talk about here is ranked: My whole ranked games this year are summed up quite nicely by just 1 picture: Even tho the 53% winrate with Ezreal feels a bit off... because the 3 times I attempted promos literally were: 1) 2 times bot 1 time mid ending, 0-3 2) 4 times bot, ending 1-3 3) decided to go trioQ to secure mid for me, 3-0. I know there is some luck influence with that, but it pretty much feels like my performance with Lux is about *a lot* better than with anyone else. Which got me thinking a lot, One trick ponies always used to be a thing, but it seems to not work out for me like at all. v.v Therefore I'm considering to either simply stop playing unless I get TrioQ, or I start playing her in my secondary position too... but this would most likely mean Lux support, which I'm still hesitant off in ranked because it simply is subpar, let alone that that way I can pretty much say goodbye to playing her mid (or anyone mid) anyway... Dunno why I'm mentioning all of this, maybe you guys got an idea for me? x3 How do other OTPs handle this problem? At least, funniely enough, my overall winrate has been rising every since I reached Gold 1, so that much for approaching 50% :^) (I actually was below 50% back then, then overshot it and crawled my way up to 53% atm) ---------------- Then just 2 days ago my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary (there actually were 4 couples in their rather small place). And I'm just sitting here trying to image how long 50 years actually is, and just fail at it. >.< ----------------- Anyway, moving on, #what are you guys planning to do this week? I'm just stuck with the old, lets see what comes up. Practicing Taly again, I seem to be getting more consistent with her, and holy... her dmg is even more insane than I had imagened. Can't wait to take her into ranked once I'm good enough... but that would mean even less Lux for me. Q_Q But maybe I'm done with ranked for this season anyway... we'll see. x3 And I notice dthat my Lux mastery is painfully low (closing in on 250k, which is like nothing for a dedicated main like I want to be), so I need to play her more. v.v ------------------- And for a random topic of the day... #what part of your body do you like most? (Instead of constantly being displeased by thinking of the bad parts, lets just think about the good ones for once. :3 Unless you don't care abotu that stuff anyway v.v) For me it is most likely my, as it seems, unnaturally pointy canines, I can't really pinpoint a reason why I like that so much tho. ^^' ---------------- So have a great day all of you! And for those who haven't really woken up yet, have some musics! \o/ I didn't get to watch it that far yet, but the begining has cat punches and I like the rythm, so it can only be awesome! *cat punches* \*drools*~ Nothing better than seeing some people get beat up in the morning... ehh... I didn't say that! But CYA guys, have an awesome morning like you deserve! ;)
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