"Win a game where you died no more than 3 times" mission problem

I feel like i should bring this up but the latest mission "Win a game where yo died no more than 3 times" concerns me. I feel that this mission in particular crosses the line of what's OK and what's not regarding it affecting the playstyle or the progress of a game. I feel a mission like this will lead to unusual and bad plays in games that will affect us negatively. While missions like "get an X amount of kills" was replaced with "get an X amount of kills/ assists" to prevent ks'ing and ruining games i don't see this mission being able to get fixed and will lead to matches where a a player will pay extremely safe because he already died 3 times at 8 min. Yes there's another alternative to complete the mission"Play 3 games where you placed at least Controll Wards per game" BUT that alternative takes an significantly longer time to complete (3 times longer in fact, 1 match +1=2, +1=3 quik maf) and won't attract players imo. Please look into this @Riot and recheck your guidelines regarding what's OK and what's not regarding missions. It's only one mission for now but more missions like these and the game will be total chaos. Ty 4 your time ^^
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