What the hell did they do to Tahm Kench?

So I made the mistake of playing Tahm Kench. I don't know how of many of you are aware of this, but at some point they made a few changes to him. Here's what is left P: Hitting an enemy champion applies devour. With 3 devour stacks you can do stuff Q: Woops! No longer apples devour. Slow, escalates with 60% ap W: Grabbing and throwing a minion doesn't apply devour either. If Tahm Kench uses devour on any champion, he gets 95% of slow, and is grownded. So apparently no ability can be used, and you can't do shit, just prolonging the suffering of your dying teammate I guess E: Shields you, heals less than Mordekaiser's W R: No passive, not even tower to tower distance range at lvl 6, so it's pretty much no lvl 6 threshold anywhere. Can someone now explain to me, why? Because RIOT can go saying they've got so many champions, but we can see clear favorites, and that should be enough, so least let un play any other champion without putting it to below-trash level.
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