Riots the next big legitimate mobster

We all know who the real mobs are in this world pharmaceutical companies and Riot. There fame has got to there head, while I was reading the 3 teams that got banned and monte posting about not having the chance to talk to riot before riots announcement, just shows there is corruption in the industry. everyone seems to be getting banned like gross gore, look how they have striped that guys man hood he is only like 23 he has passed that age where the man could get some real experience in the world in this day an age were getting employment is difficult., I don't even like the guy but what they did was not only take his income but destroy his life for something so silly. I was banned for playing in a internet cafe that was used for boosting some time ago and riot never accepted my reason, even when I provided them with evidence. This might sound totally out of context but do you realize how many high elo players are playing on there smurfs? its because riot if forcing people to start fresh accounts so they can make more money. they have not released there player base figures since 2014, so there has been a decline in players. rankQ takes an average of 5 minutes more then last year. Riot will be the next biggest mob to have walked on this earth, you have heard it here first
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