League Relationships - which is the you're favourite why?

Personally I have tons so i gonna list the and explain my reason for liking them. {{champion:412}} X {{champion:429}} They just fit so well, from themes and from a move set stand point. {{champion:157}} X {{champion:40}} They share the whole wind them , both where blue , both wear hardly thing and both have hair style in a similar fashion. i really like both of them. {{champion:238}} X {{champion:134}} for tons of reasons , plus i love the comic about them. {{champion:154}} X {{champion:92}} this one has tons of fan art of them and out of any of the ships i find it the most interesting. {{champion:107}} X {{champion:76}} Cats , Just cats , it fits and the fan art is good. {{champion:53}} X {{champion:61}} If you ever seen the film robots , this couple fits prefect but on a more darker level. {{champion:17}} X {{champion:18}} What would The Devil be without his Succubus , there share some theme's and make for an interesting couple. {{champion:115}} X {{champion:222}} Crazy meets Crazy , i could see this too in a car chase scene. {{champion:80}} X {{champion:89}} Hell's Kitchen meets The Spartans. what more can i say. {{champion:45}} X {{champion:117}} Its just fitting, Maybe its the magic. {{champion:23}} X {{champion:22}} just a few words. Funny times with Trynda - DantaAxe {{champion:57}} X {{champion:143}} because even plants need to love each other lol. {{champion:126}} X {{champion:51}} &{{champion:254}} because two is better than one...... {{champion:81}} X {{champion:44}} ,{{champion:99}} & {{champion:142}} Because i like the idea of a Harem and all three seem to like him. new anime starting ez and the lead and his harem. {{champion:98}} X {{champion:84}} because Ninja doctor's why not. {{champion:62}} X {{champion:103}} because a lot of people ship and there a whole thing over it. {{champion:59}} X {{champion:102}} I like this one, because it really cute. {{champion:48}} X {{champion:127}} a ship to explain but they share and interesting story together. {{champion:105}} X {{champion:267}} welcome to finding the ship. pun intended. {{champion:104}} X {{champion:21}} to be honest he the only guy cracking a good joke with over a beer and a cig. {{champion:266}} X {{champion:10}} & {{champion:25}} i could see this guy going, 'Ladies, ladies lets not fight let take on everything" {{champion:3}} X {{champion:78}} (Insert i need a hero here) {{champion:90}} X {{champion:7}} Because i enjoyed the comic someone did for this ship. {{champion:4}} X {{champion:28}} things improved and became hot and spicy {{champion:497}} X{{champion:498}} Premade........ {{champion:86}} X {{champion:55}} makes for very interesting ship, like 007 with the hot enemy. {{champion:268}} , {{champion:15}} and {{champion:75}} the family. {{champion:236}} & {{champion:245}} & {{champion:26}} (Batman and Robin and Alfred) all three just go so well together. {{champion:32}} X {{champion:1}} its sweet and innocent. {{champion:64}} X {{champion:37}} its very charming. {{champion:2}} X {{champion:113}} because when comes to rivals both ladies like a man who can go full rage mode and do better for them. {{champion:31}} X {{champion:421}} because even monsters need some love. woooooooo. cover every relationship. even some of the no relationships. just some of guys i think share a common theme. what do think guys. comment down below, you're favourite ship or favourite mini team with a theme.
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