Time flies so fast and month by month you guys give so little!!! Make more things per month to craft

So many games give so much more to give you satisfaction to play the game ...Some games give you skins,in game coins etc and with that per month you can have what you want.It's not to give you random you can chose...Time goes so fast days years...To at least put once a month thing like Projects where you guys for ip give 1 skin and 2 more skins 3 skins in total that's nice..When you essense the skins you need alot of them to perma unlock 1..So it will not do damage to the skin buy for sure and you guys will give more motivation to the players to play the game by at least once a month hextech craft givewawy of few skins ... Also for worlds the end of season you guys give nothing 4 icons in total...That's really cheap for the milions and milions that is in the worlds cup right now... IF you can give milions the 1 team how much do you guys earn and why are you so cheap for the tons of players who play 10 hours every day and also buy alot of skins etc...Idk why but in my personal opinion it's not ok and they must improve that sengment in order to be again the best game in the world..Yes i said it because games like Smite give so much more for the new players to show them appritiation for playing the game and chosing the game..I dont say i like smite more then lol it's nonsense but in 3 months playing smite i unlock stuff for 4 years playing league..That's how unfair the league of legend is to the all players in general and being in position to unlock stuff in game and have everything you like !!!!! Its my personal opinion whoever wants to share their toughts on this pls do it bellow !!!
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