Why I decided to quit League of Legends

After almost 5 years of playing I decided to quit league for good and with hope I will never go back to it. I consider myself a old player and I have seen this game in it's states back from season 3 to season 7 to many things changed and most of it in a bad way,especially when it comes to ranked and the players attitude that changed in a horrible way over the years. -When it comes to ranked I don't find it relevant anymore because because of this so called meta that forces you to play the same champions in a repetitive way because if you don't you can't gain LP and where is the fun in that?And in queue as well,if you want to pick {{champion:38}} mid for example,the contradiction starts and if somehow happens to lose the lane,then have have a great game if you don't use the mute button. It wasn't all the time like this doe, back then when the game wasn't full of CC you could actually play {{champion:75}} and win,the same goes with {{champion:19}} and many others. The only way I enjoyed playing was on normal draft where I could pick whatever the hell I wanted and having fun, but you did a good job taking it out. -The players attitude is the thing that made me 90% quit, Riot, I don't think someone wants to go up in a game and when he gets killed the enemy,laner immediately types 'izi' 'noob' using the animations as well to make your day great showing a lack of sportsmanlike behavior which I start to believe that Riot games actually promotes,I am sick and tired to go up against 17-years old kids that after they got a kill calls you a retard. And that is not only from the enemy players,teammates that flame each other is something that I started to see every game as well.. now the flame was something that was always there but in the past few months this crap went out of control and I don't want to deal with this anymore. There is more to say about the community but for now all of this is enough and I hope soon people will realiase what this game become.
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