The truth of who killed yasuo elder (Brother) ZED=JHIN Jhin = ONE OF DARKIN LIKE AATROX?

Zed screamed shen and others heard so they follow the scream when they came they saw shen father dies and killed by zed. Does it mean the half of zed good is jhin and the other half inside of him? Or Zed was shen father and zed is shen father? Yasuo, people think he killed the elder but he didint, the person who killed elder used wind teqnique so maybe jhin killed yasuo elder with another sword.(This is possible) > Poppy got the hammer of (whatever) by a guy > this is strange, that dude didnt have a hammer, also there was aatrox in the one of windows, there was stone with same hammer. 2 hammers = gg it broken AAtrox told the dude to give poppy the hammer and he killed that dude. Sona wanna have her powerful musical instument but she want to talk. On the easter egg she have something in her throught. It can be only her having her voice because her instument is not their. If there is other champs that have 2 sides to pick like vi,garen,sona,zed and others if possible Jhin (Arabic name for genie) will make them do the other side (Bad one). I am arabian that how i know what does jhin mean. I'm not sure but i think others found out, i tryed yestarday to find name so i just yolo it and went to youtube to find out. Sorry for bad english and bringing this late. When vi comes she wont have alot of information but few weeks later maybe another easter egg or whatever then it goes to pbe then live servers The estimate for this is in 1/22/2016. I hope this is right :P
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