next lvl mmr game

Captured with Lightshot
if riot like me to send them the game link .. i will do . so flex game full plat 3 2 1 ... vs gold 3 and 1 .... and no the unranked lvl +200 is gold S8 and the +60 is unranked well the game was sooo easy for me i was just worming up .. since i don't need more than gold 4 in flex "noobs q " but for real wtf mmr is this . once more that prove that there is no mmr in flex just like normal games . before any smart ass jump and tell me " there rank is plat in flex and gold .. not in solo q ... there rank is gold and plat in flex not in solo q " i know what i am tanking abut . Edit: by the way lulu did more damge than my supp and adc if you put lulu and bot in damge lulu did more than all of the 2 players . so no i don't see that there rank is the same .

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