Soft Resets are less fair to lower tier players

While the top 13% of the high tier players need not to worry about a soft reset since their ranking is mostly kept intact, us lower tier GOLD and below suffer from the consequences of soft resets which punish you tenfold per loss. Ending Gold V last season and moving up to Gold IV in pre-season and for a week even landing in Gold II, I landed myself in Bronze I; after the placement matches. I will first of all have to work harder to rise back to Gold because I will have to carry less experienced players - Surely the competition is tough in high elo, but at least you don't have to battle with the ignorance of less experienced players who are less competitive and give less of a shit about ranked. Furhermore, even if you drop from challenger to diamond, you will still get your end of season rewards. I'd be more satisfied in seeing a hard reset every few seasons because by now a soft reset is pointless. Soft resets don't demote you from Silver V to Silver IV for 1 loss, they totally fuck you over tenfold. Being Gold and losing 3 matches in placement getting you to Bronze I is ridiculous.
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