The Day you will quit League .........

So i know this might be a bit weird to talk about and im pretty sure ill get a lot of downvotes but lets talk about what has to happen so you will quit playing league. Be aware that this construct is just hypothetical and might never happen but im interested where your limits are in the steps Riot takes or as already mentioned what has to happen. And im also very aware that some people will come with : They quit already cause DQ.. But maybe there will be some creative answers as well. So my reasons: **- Riot making every champion i enjoy playing unappealing through nerfs or reworks.** So far this has happened to me with Soraka, Poppy and Kindred. I enjoyed them to a fair ammount before nerfs / heavy changes but after Riots work im no longer in a mood to play them. Note that this may be either cause im not good enough to play them (kindred) or just cant identify with them anymore as enjoyable parts of their kit have been changed. **- Leauge of Legends 2.** Really. If they ever release a sequel i´d gladly play it. Old is Gold but New is....... not rhyming. **- No time ** May it be Job, Familiy or whatever. If Real Life calls i wont be turning away. **- Zombie Apocalypse** Ain´t got Time to CS when they chew on my brain. So what about you?

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