Carrying with an ADC is the hardest thing to do in this game

Being an ADC means you're the most sensible thing in your whole team. What's the problem in that ? Well if your teammates don't give a sh*t about you and you're support is a lunatic that probably has a premade, he will help that premade of his the whole game while letting you alone. What's the problem in that ? Well maybe, only maybe if the enemy team has a decent ( meaning with half a brain ) assasin, like Rengar, Khazix, Wukong, Nocturne or whatever the hell champion with a gap closer and a bit of damage jumping on you in a teamfight, you'll die. In like 2 seconds. Even if you have heal and flash. The other problem ? TRUST No one will give a sh*t about you saying anything, because you're the 1/5 adc that does no damage. So in their tiny minds you're the scum of the team. Doesn't matter if you do everything well and your enemy wukong just randomly appears near you and oneshots you like 5 times, you're a feeder and a dumb ADC , sometimes the worst adc they ever saw. So yeah, this is my experience up untill now with ADC in the current season. Makes me wanna strangle people through the laptop's monitor :)
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