If I Were Working For Riot Games

I would be kind of disappointed, really. I'm working for a huge company to make such a huge free game available for players around the world. Still, whenever something goes bad, players go ham on us. Technical problems? Everyone mad and saying game is unplayable we are quitting. A bad meta? The game is said to be so unfun and the balance team is a bunch of monkeys. Even when releasing a skin that was long awaited, although skins are just an option in case you like them or want to support Riot, people will just say we don't care of this champ and his mains (most recent example is Mecha Aurelion Sol) The idea, riot's employees are human beings like us. The have a real stressful job and a real life. I believe they deverve much more respect from the players base. I see people feel free to call the balance team monkeys in the patch notes just because there is a change they don't like. And what does Riot do? The actually try to explain how the balance process goes and why they need time to judge a new champ/rework, …, etc. I never saw someone being banned for flaming a rioter. I only see people punished for flaming other players. If u have technical problems, contact support. If u don't like a skin just don't buy it. If u r not enjoying anymore and want to quit, just do it. There is no reason to flame them like this for any reason. You will never make the game better by going ham on the hard working employees. You will never win more ranked games by flaming your mates who have a bad game. Simple.
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