how to hit high elo for real (warning i will properly offend you)

Quick fyi current account is yordle Zeus but boards is banned for calling riot on their bullshit. Old accounts TotallyNotAGirl: plat 2 Gunattackuk: diamond 3 Realfear: challenger (in last 4 days of season so should be a master's in all honestly) Reason for not going past plat : overwatch + path of exile = more fun and less me raging on league step 1: play shit for your skill level. zed is a hard champ. for people with skill. do you have skill? you: yes! reality: stfu your bronze here is karthus you moron. If you had the "skill" to play zed... guess what... you wouldn't need zed. now while it is true the are the few odd cases like faker and box box who play zed and riven guess what... they are already challenger... they already have the skills... they can fuck around with hard champs because the game is 2nd nature to them. Here is a friendly picture to remind you: If your not gonna play stuff you have the skills to play... dont play ranked :D you clearly dont care about winning. now im gonna wait for someone in the comments to go "but im sooooo good at vayne compaired to ashe" well if you where good at vayne why the fuck are you bronze? If your bad dont bullshit yourself with "i didnt outplay them good enough" champs like ashe you cant bullshit yourself with its "is khazix hitting me? yes? ok i fucked up and need to position better" the is a reason all these high skill cap champs are the ones reported 24/7... because the people playing them dont understand what they are doing, and what is the natural thing to do when you dont know what your doing? blame something else. "its not my fault i died its this shitty sona report her". step 2: your "mechanics" dont mean shit... yeah do that "crazy" zed outplay (lets be real all you did was rweq you arnt fooling anyone) and kill the kogmaw... oh whats that? oh their {{champion:1}} did a r and w kill their kog and took 50% of the enemy teams hp + stunning them all but you dont find that impressive because its not flashy? thats a shame but hey who cares about that -19lp you made that "sick" zed play ;D. Lesson: yeah making flashy plays is cool... but it doesn't win you games. step 3: move out your lane, move out your lane, move out your lane. just move out your god dame lane. if your winning lane roam. if your losing lane roam. you ever been vs a mid that won lane and then killed everyone 24/7? where they killing them mid all the time? no they where roaming. you ever been vs a snowball champ like katarina she disappears for like 1 second gets 2 kills bot and nukes your ass for the rest of the game? we all have dont pretend you havnt. so roam... its literally always the answer. step 4: learn how to build items. people going "i think {{item:3143}} is better then {{item:3068}} on {{champion:254}} because x pro played it in x game" oh so you took note of the items... did you see why? maybe its because it was a tryndamere top with a yasuo mid and a ashe bot lane... the is alot of crits... he needs crit reduction... items in this game arnt "fix" the are sections of items. If you need armor dont always get dead mans it depends on the situation. {{item:3143}} does the enemy have a fuck load of crits? buy this. {{item:3075}} does the enemy do loads of small weak hitting attacks? ( {{champion:96}} {{champion:11}} ) buy this. {{item:3742}} are you {{champion:420}} and cant catch their {{champion:64}} ? ok step 1 stop trying to chase lee sin you moron and step 2 buy this all this stuff gets swaped out for what your playing against but the thing is people confuse (core) with (THIS IS THE BUILD) Here are master yis core items {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}}. what are not his core items? getting {{item:3742}} every single game, getting {{item:3111}} every single game (but properly most tbh), i think your getting the idea. and with those 4 steps you should hit diamond or masters or whatever you really what from their its just ironing out mistakes.
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