Fun fact about LP

you play ranked games to get LP and when you get to 100 LP you enter your promos so far so good so as you may have seen when you are in promos there's a line seperating you from the rest of people keep that in mind so lets say you're not in luck and you lose your promos. like you're going from silver 3 to silver 2 and you lose the first 2 games and you're out. then you are put in silver 2 with 80 LP or something that's beacuse the games you played in your promos still count ( but as long as you're "IN" the promos your profile says you are at 100 LP ). now you might ask what well ok but what about the promos I win with no loss shouldn't I take these ladder points with me to the next rank? well my friend remember that line? you where still in silver 3 and your silver 3 LP has no place in silver 2. But that said there's some kinda safety thingy that prevents you from demoting when you have just been promoted to a higher rank and I think that might be the LP you won in your promos :D but i'm not sure. I know this post is point less but it sounded fun to me.
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