Tanks are litteraly Tanks

(Pardon the English) This is extremely ridiculous, tanks are way strong then they should be. The whole point of the ''Tank'' is to be a huge defensive wall, not a huge defensive wall with 5 machine guns, 3 bazookas and a nuke for good measure, as of right now tanks are your support, your carry, your junglerer and your stay at home dad all in one package that manages to piss off any class unless your name is Vayne. From Malphite being able to one shot you, to Ornn being complety and utter unkillable at times and Rammus just chilling it out and look the ADC just killed itself. Tanks in LoL right now are like actual Tanks, you have no hopes of killing it on a man to tank warfare, you need another tank or else your %%%%ed
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