don't let video games control your emotions !!!!

think of myself as a fairly lighthearted person. I mean sure I have several things that I take seriously but for the most part I’ve always been one of the first to make light of a situation. But being the armchair psychiatrist that I am, I’ve done some research into why videogames make PEOPLE angry and I think I’ve found the cause. Plain and simple, PEOPLE don’t like being @#$%&* with. People use videogames as a form of relaxing and spending their free time. Now when we get constantly killed or can’t pass a certain point in the game we get very upset. When we put conflict into something people relate to as fun or enjoyable, they tend to easily upset. A primitive version of this is a experiment that Montana State University conducted in 2008 in which they gave a group of dogs a bag of tennis balls to play with for two weeks. The dogs enjoyed playing with the balls and every time the researchers came in the dogs would bring the researchers the tennis balls. One day the researchers put the tennis balls in a cage where the dogs could see them but not get to them. The dogs would try everything they could to try and get the balls and eventually became irritated and were quick to snap at each other. We expect the game to be fun and enjoyable because that is our preconceived notion. When we can’t easily find enjoyment we will very quickly become agitated. This will almost always leads to cursing or causing physical trauma to an inanimate OBJECTsuch as a pillow (I personally clean when I get frustrated). Right now you’re probably thinking “What about the people that stab or kill other people because of a game?” Well I was planning on talking about them in the next paragraph but I needed some filler so I broke the 4th wall in an attempt to make me appear as if I know what I’m doing. So about those aggressive people that kill each other over videogames, short and simple they’re crazy. Last year there was 53 cases of people causing physical violence against a another person or animal in relation to videogames. Now there is conservatively about 200 million gamers in the world(when gamer is defined as someone who plays videogames at least 5 times a week). Which would mean 0.00003% of gamers commit violent crimes, that’s not even a thousandth of one percent of the population. In the United States the national average is .7% of the population is prone to or have caused a violent crime. It is safe to conclude that the population of gamers that cause violence are just a part of the population that are prone to violence and it is not the game that is making them violent. So next time you get angry or frustrated just take a deep breath. Even when you are constantly DYING or can’t progress it is just a game and has no consequence. Remember that you bought this to have fun and it’s not the worse game in the world. video games were made so people can have fun in their spare time whether you win or you lose .
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