Key fragmets!

Hi, everyone i have contacted LoL Support about key fragment issue. I haven't been gettin' key fragments for a long time even though i won a lot of games lately and i got really pissed, cuz i was tryharding and giving my best just to, at the end of game i get nothing. So i contacted them asking is there any problem with getting these or it's just my bad luck. We exchanged some messages and i came to idea that they said could be nice to be posted on Board. They told me keys are totally random and i came with that suggestion "Players who play games and win at lease 6 matches per month must get 6 key fragments (2 keys) so they can keep up with these Chests they are getting..." My point is clear, why do i have to have 16 Chests and just a single key fragment for weeks??? I have been gettin' too much of S marks, got a lot of Chests and can't afford to unlock them... Sorry for that long inquiry, but i am a bit pissed and sad about that fact (and i know it's not just me, or maybe it is xd). Stay awesome and i am looking forward to all of you comments and suggestions! tHooky
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