Stop killing unique and interesting champions because of pro-play

What's the point of putting all the time and resources into making something different, if you're just going to nerf it out of usability for 90% of the community? {{champion:268}} Mobility murdered, range castrated, play-making restricted. Fun dead. {{champion:136}} E now does nothing and W can't be toggled freely anymore. {{champion:427}} Don't even know his nerfs but got a fug-ugly skin. Never see him played. {{champion:429}} Useless out the gate unless you have an excellent support, ON TOP OF being nerfed to oblivion. {{champion:38}} Silence removed (could have at least changed Q to a skill-shot), rift-walk slaughtered. {{champion:203}} Just weak for some reason, even after compensatory kit changes. {{champion:421}} Amazingly fun ult changed to a sh-tty execute. Good going. {{champion:163}} Nerfed into a jungler for some reason. Never see her played. {{champion:350}} For the two seconds this thing got she wasn't even that strong. Still nerfed her out of usability. Why even bother getting excited for "Aphelios"? He's gonna get the nerf-hammer handle-first, even though he has no mobility...
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