I am actually gratefull ! Thanks RIOT but NO THANKS !

I have been playing this game for a while now. Had to say it was really a nice gamer experience specially in the beginning when everything was simple and working properly no bugs no lags no freezes no delays nothing just simple and efficient. In the last couple of years sincerely every has gone to s.h.i.t little by little. This is what money does to you. When you are small you put a lot of efforts in to your projects and a lot of heart you end up with a beautiful result but when you grow how RIOT grew you expand and that is when you don`t care anymore ( that is the reason so many other big game companies have slowly disappeared and that`s why RIOT will do it too). I can only express my gratitude to RIOT because they managed to ^%& things up so bad that so many players including me will QUIT THE GAME. The lack of balance in the game at this point is just mind blowing. Now everyday there is an update that in stead of delivering equilibrium to the game it does the opposite. Fix ur s.h.i.t RIOT or you will loose everything. In stead of becoming more relaxed and coming to this game to enjoy myself i only get frustrated and disappointed because of the toxicity and negativity delivered by this infantile community and the little interest RIOT has to diminish it what so ever. Today i discovered that i became THE SAME due to the environment. Therefore Thank you RIOT for not giving a &*^% so much otherwise you would of not opened my eyes. This game is not worth it!
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