Ok this is impossible, this game is the most trash game i have ever played in my fking life, i was in plat1 owning in bot as support main and now i'm plat4 because EVERY GAME I GET FKING FEEDERS, EVERY SINGLE ONE , even if i %%%%ing go mid and get fed, i still lose the fking game, just fk off ffs piece of sht matchmaking full of braindead %%%%s, plat is the real elo hell, i'm gonna be plat forever because of this sht of braindead kids and inters holy fking sht this game is trash and now i'm so low in elo that i can't even duo with my regular dia5 friend, just %%%% off trash game, stop matching me with autistic %%%%s who should be in a wheel chair. This sht has been going on for a %%%%ing week already.
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