If any insultive words,disregarding the context, lead to an instant ban, why not just ban the words?

Like, from the game, whenever you're trying to type the words, the'll just ...*poof*... disappear, why should they even be able to be used, if they get you banned really quickly anyways, ignoring the context what-so-ever? They have no use if they are not allowed to be used, right? Obviously they're gonna be some smartstars, who will just do something like this: F a * g o t (Leave a space inbetween every letter(obviously without the little star that blocks the, in this case, letter g out)) But this is supposed to be for the more angry people, who don't think about what they type, they're just gonna type insultive words brainlessly, but thanks to the 'Bad-word-disappear-machine-2000', they won't hurt any innocent little humans anymore and won't get any sort of punishment for their human reaction to angry-making things. Please share your opinion with me down in the comment-section, post some logical texts please, that don't insult my mother or... me, just be nice and tell me what you think about the idea, what huge problems there could be, y'know, just helpful feedback basically.
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