I beilive its time to stop defending Riot

So i see the community being like " Its never Riot Fault they try their best" and i dont really wanna beilive that something like the new Akali is their best bcs she is horrible to play agaist and coud be easily fixed by just changing the mechanics on her W like leaving her open for more time after she casts an ability or lowering the cooldown of it nerfing some of the damage and giving her actual cooldowns.. Also there are other recent reworks like Nunu and Aatrox both looking fun to play but way too weak to fit anywhere.. Then there are balance changes that totally matter of to which skin selled the most last patch this time buffing lucian bcs he seems to have a new legendary skin pop up. I dont think i must go any further i just need to shine some light on champion prices and the report system 2 obviosly broken things ... Alright now give me your best hate comments.
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