What happened to the laning phase...?

So I placed in S2, one down from where I was placed last season in S1 (bear in mind I only played to get placed, couldn't really be bothered climbing since I only started ranked around October). Now I've actually tried the ol' climb, managed to get to Gold 5 with a ratio of 27 wins out of 40 games.. Until now. Now I've hit GV everyone seems to have gone full retard in lane, if a tower goes down, that's it, lane lost, everyone goes mid. Junglers don't split push and spend forever just farming up the old jungle camps.. I may be wrong, but I always thought the idea of going up in rank was that players would inherently get better? But Silver so far was far more objective orientated than Gold. It's been the same story everrrry game, then the same in normal draft, I may be getting matched with last season plats and golds but jheeeez, I'm starting to run AP MF support just to actually have fun while losing.. little to no point playing my mains of Thresh/Naut/Bard when nobody works with me haha :') It doesn't help that I'm a support main, but even with deep warding, with Face of the Mountain and all that good stuff, you can't save stupid. Legit, since hitting GV I'm on a 3 loss streak, somehow still IN Gold V, dat MMR doe. Half tempted just to sit where I am till the end of the season.. Rant over.. but seriously, I feel like spamming Trick2G videos everywhere just so people realise that side lane pressure wins games. The pain is real
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