[Riot related] After 2 hours of browsing Riots Career options, I have gathered some results.

[I started typing this thread at 21:00 PM just to let you know that I spent more than an hour on this thread so make that a total of 3 hours +. I have NO LIFE! ...sigh....] Before I start, I had nothing to do for the past 2 hours, so, to get rid of my boredom I decided to look at Riots career options. Why did I "waste" my time on this? Well Im legitimately interested in working for Riot, however, the posibility of that happening are now impossible. Here is why: [I first want to add that I am aware that working for a company ( or getting hired for that matter) like Riot is very challening and competitive. Being one of the biggest companies in the world (video game world) creates lots of competition ( by that I mean competing against other people to get the job) 1) The career options for EU are VERY limiting. Forcing me to move to another continent if I want to keep the dream a reality. - The "cool" and interesting career options dont exist in Europe for some reason ( with the exception of only one option in the Art Department and the entire Esports Department). [Yes the word cool and interesting is a very subjective choice of word for an opinion, but hey its my opinion and in the end, its me who wants to get a job that makes me want to go to work. So anything that has to do with engineering is a big NO-WAY-JOSE ] - The jobs I am interested in (That let me live in Europe) either demand years of experience in other companies, demand me to speak German (so goodbye dreams at this point) or have Platinum or higher ELO (At this point I have no dreams). 2) Most, if not all of the careers that are being offered have you being the leader of a team. (- What if you dont want to lead a team?) (- How can you get a job as the "follower" if you dont want to be the leader of a the team?) - Im really interested with player support, since Its the only job that actually has direct contact with the players. By this I mean LITERAL DIRECT CONTACT. Because showing yourself ONCE in the League of Legends boards to ask for feedback is not my definition of contacting with the players. ________ [Incoming rant, sorry in advance for the people that work at Riot.** DONT WORY, nothing offensive** (If I offended any of you guys, feel free to ban me from the boards for a month) Let me expand on this. YES lots of the jobs offered do demand talking with the player base, but I feel like that part of the job is not being used to its fullest potential outside of player support. What do I mean by this? Well, if we take a look at the EU League of Legends BOARDS, its seems only 10 Rioters interact with the players. And if we separate these "10" Rioters across all of the EU boards (EUW: Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, France ; and all EUNE) we end up with "zero" direct contact from Riot. So far in the English Boards, the only Rioters that exist are Eambo and Draggles (and the occasional "oh wow a Rioter I´ve never heard of that only shows up once") and they barely show up and we dont get much of anything. (I am excluding the Eambo posts when SHT happens, as in, when the servers die and Eambo posts a thread in seconds) But where are the other Rioters? I know not everyone has the time, you all have important work to do everyday and what you guys do is amazing, but only having two voices (In the english boards) that show up 9 times a year... Kinda underwhelming. And this is only the english boards,let me remind you. We know you guys listen, we just dont know if you´re listening or not, because you know, we never hear from you guys unless I or someone else mentions it (only then its when the Rioters show up with a message saying "Hey dude posting the thread, dont worry, we exist and we hear you loud an clear"). (Rant over) _______ Back to why I found player support interesting. Im really interested with player support, since Its the only job that actually has direct contact with the players. You talk with the players, you get feedback none stop and you solve any sort of issues the players have (if the players have any). But what I want is not in Europe because EU Player support option is HEAD OF PLAYER SUPPORT (as in the leader of a group, which needs 5 years of experience, so again, crushed dreams). _____________________________________ I now want to talk about the roles of the jobs offered. Like I mentioned before, most of the jobs offered have you placed in a very important position (Senior of whatever, or, Director of Blablabla, Lead of this&that). Where are the options that say, (hey dude), here are the options where you are not the Leader or Director or Manager or Senior of [Art,Sound, Design,Merch,etc]? I know that was the most retarded question in history but I am being honest here. ____________________________________________ Well, there is my stupid and useless thread of the month. (Fun fact I started typing this thread at 21:00 pm sooooo.... yeah....) Anyway, good night. ######Probably just made a fool of myself... again...
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