Riven is busted

Sooo i played alote of games vs her and with her, as a jungler every time i gank her lane she has her ult ready, her combo deals half of most toplaners hp so it's really really easy for me to gank, her mobility is SICK and her E makes her sooo annoying to trade. Oh and im not talking about good riven mains... no noo. im talking about silver players who just started playing with her, no matter who plays her she will do good with her. Her ult cooldown needs to be balanced, it's stupid when she kills someone inlane she snowballs really good, and if you die and get back do your lane, she has ult again.. Maybe im just bad at the game and i dont understand something but i really think you should nerf her a bit, Ult cooldown adn damage and her E
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