Bye game. I cant more.

What you put in the title. I stop playing, at least temporarily this game. I can not take it anymore behaviors of many players in most games. Trolleos, meaning sacrifices for 50 minutes starting, dropouts, and etc. I've been playing since season 1 and that this happens, but increasingly happens more and more, not being remedied at all against these things. The truth is that disappoints and removes the desire to come to play and have fun, because it stays in play and not having fun. It is not normal that a player from the phase picks and bans tell you that will not go where it's up, it will go to another position. The team ignores him, he is friendly and this player up being grateful suicide decide to start against the opposing team. It is not normal, and reports are useless. It is not normal that as much as in a game when a line is being lost for 1 or 2 kills, the player starts to get pissed and decide to go to other lines to commit suicide because the line does not win. It is not normal to enter several players in premade and start destroying the game, insulting all colleagues from the 1 minute and the game and the fun in the second 0 runs out. It is not normal .... The truth is that it could be counting until we give 2020. I'm pretty disappointed with the game, as these things take, destruction of fun and gaming experience. It's amazing how over time because of these things, players who took more than four years playing this game being faithful, having fun ... lose the desire to play. Anyway, I needed to vent and explain my departure from this game. I hope that in the future things will improve and repair all this waste and mismanagement control of the players. A invocadores greeting.
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