Did the average player rank on EUW move up this season?

When playing ranked I feel like the gold 2 of last year is not quite the same as the gold 2 of last year, the games are easier and quality of the games is worse, I have played ranked games everywhere in between bronze 3 till plat 3 and it all feels like the overall player ranks have shifted heavily. When I looked for sources to support my thesis I found this site: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/nl/rankings/rank-distribution. Take a look for yourself. This is not at all like it used to be right? i'm not the only one noticing this? Even though iron now makes up for 2,5% of the playerbase (which is bullshit; I don't get why they added it then, maybe just to make bronze players not feel so bad) that should not be causing the sudden shift. The only thing that really caught my eye and seemed really of about the distribution of players on that site was the amount of gold players, I vaguely remember the biggest part of the playerbase being bronze/silver, now it seems like it is gold/silver. Is this something riot intentionally did? I don't like it being like this, gold felt like a big achievement to me when I first got it, now it seems like it is the standard. Tell me what you think.
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