EUNE is the 3rd biggest server, but for some reason we have normal draft pick only half a day, the other half it is disabled. The reason behind that is because there are not many players within those hours and queue times are longer (1 am to 1 pm for me), BUT every time i try to log in within those hours i get low priority queue because many people trying to log in, which makes no sense with the statement above. The reason we need draft pick is because player,s like myself, don't like joining a room and spamming "jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg jg " and then some1 locks yi and says "sry i go jg" and i'm left with support in every single game, and even though i do go sup i still get flamed because my adc has 10 cs in 12 minutes and he just HAS to blame soraka support for that. Give EUNE draft pick, i would rather wait 10 minutes for 1 good game than waste 20 minutes (because even if we are 3/40 there is always 1 player who press NO to surrender at 15 ) in a Blind Dogshit Pick
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