how could we have ZERO flamers and trolls ? i have an idea :D

anyone who flames or trolls in 1 game gets a ( 3 day ban ) and it doubles every time he trolls or flames , so be careful dont flame or troll just because someone in your team did it , while your in your game and you see a troller or a flammer just say ( reported ) and immediately after pressing the ( launch ) button , a message appears and it says something like ( hello summoners , we have received alot of complaints lately about negative behavior in the fields of justice and how players were affected by this bad behavior , so we will ban anyone who flames or trolls or anyone who responds to them negatively with a ( 3 day ban ) and it doubles every time u show negative behavior , while in a game just say ( reported ) to negative behavior , and we hope u have fun in the leagues of justice !! ) now lets talk about afks , if it shows that an afk had rage quit(flame or troll + afk ) its a 4 day ban , if it showed he had net problems or u had to do something important which ( he has to mention it in chat ) he will get a 1 day ban( if he never flamed in game ) . and if he didnt say anything he will get a 2 day ban , this afk info is also mentioned in the league message as well . if you think this is a good or bad idea or it needs some improvements , comment bellow
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