I've uninstalled 3 times in 2 weeks....

To all the tired players out there, I've been playing this game since 2010 (early season 1). Never before this season have I ever uninstalled intentionally. What the f*** is going on Riot? I've been such a dedicated player for so long, but this season is just absurd. I feel no matter how good you play it's impossible to carry games. Baron is far too strong, you make a second baron (which in solo queue how many times do you think the team that gets baron also always gets the Elder - most) and games are ending without any chance of comebacks. Also, any off meta champions are complete garbage now. Everyone is picking cheese champs and to be honest there aren't enough bans to block all the bulls***. And maybe you say, 'go with the meta?'. I though the point of solo queue is to play the champs you like, but if you do you'll just inevitable lose to meta lanes. The game just feels so unbalanced. I have never struggled so hard to get out of Gold 5...I mean come on it's just gold 5. It should not be this difficult for a 7 season platinum player on multiple servers to get out of gold. Is this incredibly poor season for competitive? I understand that's where you like a lot of your money, but you've forgotten about your long time followers. Your fans that have been there since the beginning. The ones who aren't diamond +. We feel forgotten, I know I'm not the only one out there. Why is this season so s*** for lower ELO player? But anyways, I just want to say you've lost an 8 year player of your game. Frankly, I'm sick of the mediocre state the game is in and for the first time in my playing I can honest say the LoL just ins't fun anymore. I hope some seasons in the future you can prove me and whoever else feels the same wrong. I wish you well Rito, take care. Jaron
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