Spending Prestige Points

So, the end-of-the-year Prestige Point shop is coming. Also, Prestige Points will expire early next year. We also know a Senna Louis Vutton Prestige skin is coming, probably in time before the present PP expire. And then there is the factor of Prestige skins not being for sale for Prestige Points but Mission Tokens like LV TD Quiana. So here I am with exactly 100 Prestige Points. What to do, since: I would love to purchase Quiana TD LV if possible, if not, should I wait to see if LV Senna will be PP or just Mission Tokens? Or... just spend them in the PP end-of-the-year shop? **My point: ** I love Prestige Skins. I like it they are rare. But i really think Riot should be more transparent on what is coming up and how it will be purchasable. It is a wild guess now and if I gamble wrong again, like I did with the Worlds Tokens (I had plenty) I will once again miss out on a cool skin I have been saving for. I don't mind PP's to expire but within that time-period, Riot, please be transparent on how I will be able I can spend my Tokens and PP's. The present system feels a bit shady to me....
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