Old client = New client

Hello summoners / Master rioters Thank you so much for your time to read my topic, I do apologize to say that obviously I was a bit sad, as the new client is a bit "heavy" for some players ( as you already might noticed) Can we think just for a second... There are A LOT of people who don´t have a beefy computer in order to play decently your game, would you consider to at least allow ( the older players) to choose between the new client and the old one? I mean the map is fine the thing is the login part and getting into "lobby room" to choose the champion e.t.c. I guess you can understand what I am trying to inform , I do not speak for me only as you know there are thousands of people who still cannot afford computers to use League of Legends , I at least ask you, please to consider it? or making at least visual looking for the ones who really are used to it, I know that it may be hard for you guys, I know and i have been "there" as well so i know how it goes, the only thing im asking is if it is possible for you to look on our side , from our prespective? Thank you so much for your time whoever answers on this topic :P {{champion:102}} Game on!!! Uchihaenvy {{summoner:13}}
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