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Hello everyone, I recently made a ticket to voice my concerns and hopefully get some answers in regards to the Support role in solo ranked play. After a small back and forth it was suggested by the player support specialist that i voice my concerns and suggestions on this board. _**TLDR**_: The MMR & ELO system does not work the way it is meant to for Support Solo queue because of the unique concept of the support role. As a support you are fully reliant on your team for your experience and gold income. On top of this a support enables and enhances the gameplay of others, but their actual gameplay/followup is not theirs to control. Regardless of these facts, a support player is judged by their team, without valid capability to excell beyond the limitations of their teammembers. _I added the link to the ticket i made so if anyone wants to read the original ticket and given replies to it, it's available._ I first made my ticket not because i am upset with my current rank but because i believe my experience proves that the current system does not work as intended. I am currently in either silver 3 or 4, yet the name and place of the rank is irrelevant. The point of the ranked system is to match you with and against players around your own level of gameplay and capabilities. This is also what my personal goal for ranked is/was: to challenge myself in games with/against players just as capable as i am. The current MMR & ELO system judges not people but teams as a whole. the winning team gains LP and the losing team loses LP related to how the total MMR of the 2 teams weigh up to each other. Afterwards the results influence the MMR of the individual players which then is used again to calculate the total MMR of the next team in the next match. There are more things at play but Riot does not share this, which makes sense from a business point of view. The support role is unique in the sense that it is bound to the actions of others beyond compare to the others roles. When queued with players of lower capabilities: 1. a top player can farm up, win their lane on their own merit and excell beyond the limitations of their team. 2. a jungler can farm up within their, and the enemy, jungle and is free to pick where and when they want to assault the enemy team via ganks. 3. a mid player can farm up and position and ward to improve their own safety and this way control their own growth and capabilities 4. an ADC player can farm up in a more defensive position, focussing on their gold income over ganks/assault untill they have built more power. 5. a support player is linked to the rest of their team, and mainly the ADC, for their experience and gold income. There are a things that should be considered: 1. the support can buy special items that improve gold income. 2. by roaming a support is free to aid other lanes and pick what teamwork plays have the most potential. Do note that yet this special item for gold income adds gold for supports, it is still limited and controlled to assure supports are within/below the limits of the other players. (This can be seen in the constant lower level reached and total gold earned by support players in games.) Do note that roaming and rotating it in no way limited to support. As a jungler you role is made for roaming and rotating, as a mid player your role has the most advantagious position to reach other places on the map and as a top player the Teleport {{summoner:12}} summoner spell enhances your roaming potential. I'd argue the only role with less roaming potential is the ADC since they are in the same position as the support, but are more tethered to the bottom lane because of their gold & experience farm. **So, from the afore mentioned we can conclude that the support role is linked to the rest of the team in a unique way like no other role and solo rank is gained and lost via evaluation of the entire team and the outcome of the game.** I would like to argue that this gives rise to the following issue: **_Supports are judged by their team, gaining and losing rank outside of their own capabilities._** This has two sides to this: 1. A support player who is queued with higher rank players is more likely to be carried to a higher rank than their own capabilities would dictate. 2. A support player who is queued with lower rank players is more likely to be pulled into a lower rank than their own capabilities would dictate. In practice, the first is more likely to happen in premade 5v5 teams whereas the second is more likely to happen to people who main support in Solo Rank. Through this i personally conclude that support players in Solo Ranked queue are not evaluated correctly. The rank of a support main is influenced beyond their own capabilities to compensate by the limitations of teammembers. **Another issue that adds on top of this is poor behaviour: when someone becomes anti-social or intentionally ruins a match, the entire team is hit**, but supports are limited the most. As mentioned before, supports are more linked to their team and more limited in their solo capabilities to compensate for the poor behaviour of someone who decides to behave poor for whatever reasons. Even though the report option at the end of games allows players to report others for poor behaviour and/or gameplay, the true damage is already done. The punishment in a best case scenario prevents the same damage to be done by the same person, but the damage done remains.. The actions of a single player can cause the loss of a chunk of LP for the entire team and a not fully justified gain of a chunk of LP for the enemy team. The person who caused this may be banned, yet the LP changes they caused remain. This information is important because i believe that solo ranked can be improved by improving the penalty/punishment system. At the moment the damage done by poor behaving/playing players remains. **In my personal opinion it would be better to adjust LP gain and loss whenever it is clearly proven (via reports and bans etc.) that a single or few players ruined the flow of the match for the rest of the players involved. By lowering the impact of bad behaviour and gameplay on the outcome you actually counter (and in a way also punish) the bad behaviour. Yet most important: you aid the players victim to the damage done instead of just focussing on trying to push away the person who did the damage.** In regards to the support role in solo ranked i strongly believe the method of evaluation needs changing because of the role specific limitations and strong link to others on the team. _As a disclaimer: as someone who has played and mained support since the first months of LoL's existence, i know that supports can help win games and i know we can make or break a team as a whole. But i also have years of experiencing the limitations and strong reliability on social interaction and teamwork. It's a double edged sword: the social interaction and teamwork is why i love playing LoL, but it clearly limitates the ability to carry or compensate for others._ In my personal experience i started season 9 with my very first placement games being multiple losses in a row due to my team having players woh disagreed with eachother and one deciding to intentionally ruin the game in order to spite the other. Sadly it is a common phenomenon to behold in solo ranked queue. I am currently placed in Silver 3 or 4, a rank i have no issues with íf it would have been the right rank for me. coming back to something i mentioned before: the idea of ranked is to be challenged with and against players of my own level of capabilities. It has become painfully clear to me personally neither is the case at this moment. In my current rank i do not feel challenged and i don't feel the urge to play on the top of my capabilities, simply because it isn't needed to play on the same level as my current teammembers. When a support is capable of getting the highest scores on the team, highest damage done, best KDA etc. yet still lose chunks of LP and keeps getting lowered in rank, it should be clear they were wrongly judged and placed. Yet due to the limitations of the role, they can't carry themselves like another role potentially could. Therefore the issue currently remains without a valid answer. Some suggestions that are often given ar to either swap role or duo queue. Although both options help, it's literally avoiding the true issue at hand. FInally i want to ask what you, as a reader and player of LoL: **What do you think about the issues i mentioned?** I would love to hear from anyone who is willing to weigh in! Thank you for reading and thank you for your time, i honestly hope Riot is able to improve the situation in the (near) future. Or atleast give us some more information and insight. Kind regards, Fortis
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