My adc training. (help appreciated)

Hi everyone, hope you're having a lovely day :) . Today I have come here to the boards to ask for ur help. You see, I'm an ADC (and support) main who is trying to "get gud" at being just that. An ADC. However I have several issues and am currently in bronze 4 or something...( bad mechanics lousy farm terrible decision making list goes on). So the major advice I have been given is to learn how to farm and in order to do that I must go on a costume game and practice last hitting.( current average farm is 70 at 10 minutes and 100 at 20 minutes). Here Is where u guys (and girls) come in :D . I'm kind of a weird person... Right now I can't discipline myself to train last hitting everyday. However if someone were to give me a random schedule like: Practice 10 minutes a day for 30 days. I'd feel like i had a goal and I know id do it for sure. So that's wat I need. I need someone to give me a schedule. Even if its random. For my training so that I have a goal. If you got any other tips to improve my ADC gameplay they are highly appreciated! Hope u excuse my laziness x) Thank you for reading this far c: And uhm...Have a sticker with my main ( I don't give out cookies and poro snax are for poros u.u ){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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