Damn I'm SO angry right now......

So, i decided to gift my younger brother(20 years old) a 20 euro pre-paid RP card. After changing my work schedule to find time to buy it for him, i finally got back home and gave it to him. I also gave him 20 cents and told him to gently scratch it. Can you imagine what he did? Yep, he ruined two or three digits of the code. I mean...COME ON, how freakin' difficult is it to scratch a freakin code? Yet, he ruined it. What annoyed me is not the money but, the way he treated it. I was dead tired when i went and bought it for him and yet he showed such a complete lack of appreciation. My parents said he should go back to the store and request a refund and he said he'd also submit a ticket but, i'm pretty sure none of these will work. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} So, anyone else around here has a clumsy brother that you can't trust with anything?
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