An open letter for Riot Games #League10

For the 10 years of League of Legends I decided to write this open letter, to Riot, and to the community that made this game so incredible over the past years. League of Legends is without any doubt my favorite video game, but its more than that in reality. It changed my life, for the best and for the worst as well. It helped me go through my life problems, but it also became my addiction, it helped me meet new people that became close friends, but it also showed me the dark side of the tilt, a side that I never expected as I have always been a calm and chill person. League made me discover Esports, and be passionate about it, but it also made me fail my first year at university. I loved this game and still love it, but I also hated it, I criticized it, and I am sure many of you can relate to that. But my point is that League of Legends is actually pretty representative of life. It can be amazing sometimes, and really depressing other times. And that is totally fine, because nothing is all black and nothing is all white, it’s often grey, there is always a middle ground. Most people would agree that the league community is in general one if not the most toxic community in online gaming. And I have seen it, several times (everyday). I have been the victim and I have been the villain. But I still think that when it really matters the community can be amazing. As highlighted in Riot’s 10 years anniversary video, we raised millions of dollars for charities, and this is just the beginning. We can expect more social actions coming from Riot in the near future, thanks to the creation of the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Thanks for that. As of now I am pretty sure lot of you have heard about all the new, and juicy projects coming out soon. So many new games, such as Runeterra Legends, a card game. An FPS named Project A, TFT and LoL coming out on mobile as well after all these years of waiting. A new Hack N Slash type game, a fighting game and cherry on the cake: an Esports team manager game, sort of like Football manager. New changes for pre season with the rework of certain area of summoners Rift and dragons rework as well. Yep thats a lot. I honestly expected a summoner Icon and a Skin for 10 years of LoL but I have to say they impressed everyone, and we are all so hyped. I am very happy to see the direction that Riot taking, they already had an incredible universe, that they built for a decade thanks to the champions Lore, various cinematics and songs released and soon an anime... They are expanding this universe and it makes me think that Riot is the new Blizzard. Starting from tomorrow (17.09.2019) and for 10 days there will be many gifts each time you log in. Orange essence, Skins, Chests, icons, etc so make sure to pick up all of these, and maybe in 20 years you will brag about it to your kid telling him how you were here when LoL turned 10. I am looking forward to see what the future will be made off for the game that I grew up with, but I have to say that it is looking bright. I would like to thank again Riot for all the efforts they are putting into the game, yes sometimes things get out of control, metas are not so enjoyable, some changes makes people quit the game and come back eventually (or not) Sometimes the ranked experience gets bad (S6; S8; S9), sometimes overhyped things don't work so well (Clash), often your client is buggy, but we still love this game and that's why we get so frustrated over it, that's why we sometimes flame you Rito, because we care about you. But as in every relationship there are good and bad moments and in this month that marks the 10 years of League of Legends, let's remember the good ones. Again thanks for everything, and as you like saying on your videos, “We will see you on the Rift”. To 10 more years of League and Riot Game(SSSS) Cheers Khou3azrine {{champion:161}}

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