rant about my promos

I AM GETTING SO %%%%ING SICK OF HAVING BAD TEAMS so far I have done 7 promos and in 2 I admit I wasn't doing that well but the other 5 I was doing amazing but EVERY SINGLE %%%%ING LANE BAR MINE does terrible last match I was brand against a veigar and I was doing well until their vi started camping me and the jungler we had just stayed in jungle the entire match (we did surrender at 20 though) he ganked once to my lane while the vi ganked 6 times and was always nearby , whenever I got the veigar really low (1 hit off) she'd jump in from whatever bit wasn't warded (I had a sightward in that small river bush bit leading to bot and a normal ward in the bush near my lane leading to top) but she'd come every other lane but our jungle was nearby a lot of the time but wouldn't help me and then we had a irelia that was obviously just trolling because she kept running into turret then dc'd so the garen got fed and then free farm and then we had a jinx and morg bot and it was the jinx's first time as jinx -.- (she had 0 points) and she went 2/6/1 and had 66 farm by the end while their sivir had 122 and then other promos wise I went either adc or support and bar having 2 terrible adc's who were terrible the other 3 I dominated bot lane but yet again top,mid and jungle always seem to feed and get there laners ahead out of my 7 matches I've won 2 because of this, not one other lane bar mine has been positive and it's genuinely driving me %%%%ing crazy I just want to do well and get to a tier were things are more even but no I keep getting matched with the worst of the worst it's genuinely putting me not just off ranked but league if this is the way things are
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