Sell limited skins or bundles to help fund Worlds and other off-topic.

DotA and Smite is doing something very interesting and smart. They sell awesome promotions and skins to help increase the prizepool. These given things are special offerings at those period of times making them exclusive and limited. I would love to see something like this in League and would be glad to support it. I'm just thinking outloud, lets say a WorldCS bundle. It could contain a skin, summoner icon, wardskin and just maybe an announcer (please!). These bundles could vary in sizes depending on RP spent. This is a very simple idea, I'm sure you guys would come up with something awesome if you actually went for it. People llike exclusive stuff, I love exclusive stuff. **Sell it to me**. Other off-topic. (That I'm sure have been said before) **1**. There is alot that could be done to make profiles more interesting and customizable, making it actually interesting to check out other players profiles. Honestly, the entire summoner profile with its different tabs needs a total rework. **2**. A Lore tab. Give us easier access to stories and the history on champions with regular updates. **3**. Summoner icons needs some info telling what, how and when. **4**. Each champion could come with a customizable rune page. so you could always have 1 page prepped the way you like it for that champion. Leaving the rest of runepages for more diversity. Would love any reply with ideas and thoughts. Sorry for grammar, english is not my_blah blah_.
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