I have 2 topics i want to discuss

1) "Flame" On my last game my "Plat" taric got 1st item frozen heart vs {{champion:28}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:36}} our bot was 3/23 till min 32 and our support had only one item. The Frozen heart, i was telling this guy that this is just a bad item sell it, it is just useless vs them. And all game he was spamming stfu i m plat you are gold. One can not argue vs such arguments. And it was sad that a plat player can not build or does not know how his items work. At the end of the game he was spamming report Yi for verbal. And i was like what? Just because i told him his build was bad . so when poeple are giving you advise that you don't like it is not flame ok? It is called Helping your team win. 2) Stop playing Yasuo please for the love of god. This champ takes skill and patience . You have to know the right moment to engage and how to engage. And i am 100% sure that no one has these qualities in Plat elo and bellow. Just don't pick it it very tiresome carrying a Yasuo player.
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